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When We Know Better, We Do Better

Crafted in Small Batches

From our hands to yours. Our mission is to create products for all; approachable in price, purely formulated to produce real results, and artfully crafted to inspire happiness! Our beloved botanics are lovingly produced in our Asheville microlab, bottled fresh, and shipped directly to you.


100% Plant Based

Superfoods for your skin. Only high-quality, always-organic, cruelty-free, and sustainably-sourced ingredients that work efficiently and effectively. Anytime. Anywhere.  No fillers.  No chemicals.  No alcohols.  No waxes.  No parabens or preservatives.  No artificial anything.  Just as nature intended.


10 Ingredients or Less

Less is more. By intentionally curating and formulating powerful and proven botanicals, every craft botanic contains no more than 10 Ingredients + our proprietary blend of Essential Oils, so you feel confident about what you’re using on your body and to enhance your mind. 


Quality Guaranteed

All products are third-party lab verified for potency and quality. Consistency is the key to using plant-based botanics in order to experience the profound wellness benefits. Don’t absolutely love your purchase? No worries. Let us know, and we’ll make it right with a full refund.

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