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Our Journey

Hi, I’m Nicolette.


A creator, entrepreneur, and leader by nature, I was born out west and raised in the south. My mother was a gifted textile artist, and my father an application scientist. Product development is in my bones, and a joyful blend of both sides of my brain; creative and practical worlds in harmony. Like many of you, I appreciate and enjoy the finer things in life, though, I learned at an early age that shiny marketing and high prices don’t always reflect good quality, or how beneficial and sustainable the ingredients are for us and the world around us. 


My sincerest goal is to share my experiences in healing and clean living in effort to help others live wealthier lives. My knowledge is rooted in over 14 years of independent study in holistic health, clean beauty, and whole body plant wellness. I created my first cosmetic formulation in 2006 for a marketing project in business school at Meredith College. Less than 2 years later, the active ingredient I utilized in my lash growing mascara began leading the emerging market of the same popular lash and brow growth formulas that we see on shelves today. Perhaps, I got lucky in my forecast of an innovative product, but formulating quickly became a self-taught hobby like many chefs and craft beer brewers. I have formulated vegetarian and vegan recipes and spa products for luxury lodging, commercial and home cleaning products, and a wide range of personal and beauty care products. I focus on ingredient purity, ethical sourcing sustainable packaging, and product efficacy. 

We're able to provide approximately 400% more value from a dose-to-price ratio over our competitors by formulating and batching all products in our GMP best practices micro-lab. Most companies white-label or pay big money for a chemist to formulate for them and a manufacturing facility to produce it. We avoid those costs, allowing us to stay closest to our operations and prioritize the changing wants and needs of our customers. 

I am a known policy activist and consumer advocate who played a key role in the NC General Assembly passing SB455 in June 2022 to make hemp permanently legal in the state, and on the very last day before the existing laws expired. I continue to work with industry lawmakers, experts, and organizations to create the most equitable plant policies for NC.

I empower you to heal without the high. Self-care is healthcare. We’re committed to whole body healing. It’s worth it. You’re worth it.

Our mission and vision is dedicated to my beloved mother, Sandy, who passed away from cancer in December 2019. Without her most humble parting gift, starting this business would not have been possible. Here's to you, Momma--my soulmate, best friend, and everyday inspiration. 

In gratitude,

Nicolette, Founder & Formulator

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